Galahs - Kelvin Ladd by Kelvin Kemarre Ladd

Galahs – Kelvin Ladd

“The Galahs, our first pet was a galah. My dad caught him, it used to be in the house all the time, feeding on Weetabix, yeah, but when he grew old and that, he started to fly around and coming back to places, and start talking to us. We taught him how to speak, he used to speak language (Alyawarr), sometimes English. The Cloughs (owners of Epenarra Station in the 80s) used to have one in their homestead, that pet used to speak a lot of English and our galah came out there and started to pick things out. He started to come back and talking to us. Yeah. One day, he flew and never came back. Yeah.” Kelvin Ladd 10.11.20