The Artists of Ampilatwatja community was established in 1999, 325km north east of Mparntwe (Alice Springs) in the Northern Territory. Ampilatwatja lies on Aherrenge country, the land of the Alyawarre people.

The work produced by our artists is unique and recognisably distinct from other Aboriginal artistic communities. The paintings pay homage to the significance and use of traditional bush medicine, allowing an insight into our community. We depict the traditional knowledge of dreaming and
country through the translation of waterholes and soaks, bush medicines, mountains and sand hills.

We predominantly paint Arreth (strong bush medicine), demonstrating our deep connection to country. A veritable source of life, the land has provided and sustained Alyawarr people for generations, as every plant and animal has a vital role to play within the ecological system.
Underneath the surface of the paintings there is an underlying sense that there is more to these landscapes than meets the eye. In keeping with the religious laws, the artists reveal only a small amount of knowledge to the uninitiated. The esoteric information that is held sacred to our artists
and people is concealed from the public and layered underneath the common visual narrative, masked by the delicate layered dots of the painting.
Our art centre is a place where women across all generations can gather and pass on knowledge, share stories and practice and develop our art, while men carve and make wooden artefacts. Our art centre helps keep our culture strong.

Artists exhibit regularly in ethical and reputable galleries peppered all over the country and internationally. Artists are encouraged to participate in Australia’s busy art prize calendar and annually we attend key industry events, including the National Indigenous Art Fair in Sydney, Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair and Desert Mob in Mparntwe (Alice Springs).

The Artists of Ampilatwatja is proudly an Aboriginal owned and governed corporation which supports ethical practice in the creation and sale of indigenous art.