Heather has been painting with Artists of Ampilatwatja only for the past couple of years. Her art works have been sent to a number of galleries around Australia. She uses bright colours and mixes fine dot work with sometimes naïve presentations of country, the result is a vibrant artwork that communicates her love for her country and the simplicity of living on it.

Her paintings are titled; ‘My Fathers Country’

“My Father is from this country. Rosie Ross and Josie are from the same family line, they knew him well. He passed when i was a baby, I don’t know much about him. But I know his country. All my Father’s family are here, living in Ampilatwatja.

I like to paint his country. I like going hunting and to town because I like to look and see the different landscapes and the blue hills sometimes in the distance, the grasses and the trees, the bush medicines and the flowers.” – Heather