Australian Federal Government

Ministry for the Arts, the Australian Federal Government is our main supporter by providing operational and training funds for the ongoing development and running of Artists of Ampilatwatja.


How to support

Without supporters, Artists of Ampilatwatja would not be able to carry on its important work in the community. There are many ways in which you, or your company, can get involved.

A long-term aim of Artists of Ampilatwatja is to become financially independent through sales. One of the best ways you can support us is by buying from our gallery.

While we are still a young and developing art centre, other ways of supporting us make a big difference and are really appreciated. As a registered charitable organisation, all donations to us are tax deductible.

Donations can be in the form of:

  • one-off monetary donations
  • in-kind donations
  • sponsorship
  • corporate support – there are plenty of reasons for your company to become an affiliated sponsor

For further information on how to support us, please contact us.