The corporation aims to establish, manage, conduct and promote an artists enterprise in Ampilatwatja in order to:

  1. alleviate the significant unemployment levels among its members together with the resultant economic and social problems by providing employment opportunities and work training
  2. assist its members with social and economic development so that they become self supporting and better able to manage their own affairs
  3. alleviate the low literacy levels and poor education by providing access to education services and training for employment in the artists enterprise
  4. to operate and maintain a gift fund to be known as ‘The Artists of Ampilatwatja Aboriginal Corporation Gift’ Fund in accordance with the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

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The art centre has an ‘open door’, inclusive policy. Any artist, or aspiring artist over school age living in the community or outstations is welcome to participate.

Ethical buying of Aboriginal Art

Buying from accredited art centres ensures that the artist is well represented and remunerated for their work. Prior to the establishment of Artists of Ampilatwatja, numerous private dealers had established relationships with the otherwise unrepresented artists. Sometimes these relationships were exploitative. To be sure that all proceeds from sales go directly back to the artists and into further community projects, buy only through Artists of Ampilatwatja and other reputable Art Centres.

We are committed to accurately documenting and cataloguing all artworks to ensure protection of the artists’ intellectual property rights. All artworks have a corresponding certificate of authenticity that explains the cultural significance of the work and includes a unique catalogue number, as well as a biography of the artist.

Commitment to transparent operations

Artists of Ampilatwatja is a separately incorporated Aboriginal owned corporation. We are committed to good governance, accountability and transparent operations.

General artists meetings are held as and when they are needed to keep all members informed of important developments. Governance Training, explaining how the art industry works and how the art centre operates, is available to all artists to allow them meaningful say in the centre’s operation.

Managers are appointed via an open application system. No monies received through sales or donations go towards staff remuneration, which is all funded by government grants. The centre gives quarterly financial reports and is subject to annual audits for receiving government funds.