Diane Kemarre Ross

Language:Alyawarre Date of birth:1988-04-01 Community:Ampilatwatja

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Diane was born in Alice Springs and grew up in an outstation called Irrultja.  Growing up in Irrultja it was very quiet, and Diane would go hunting and collect bush medicine with her family. Diane began school in Irrultja and then went onto college in Alice Springs where she met good friends, it was a happy time. 

Diane lives in Ampilatwatja now and has her own family, two children a girl and a boy.  She still visits family in Irrultja and they all go hunting and collect bush medicine together.  

She began painting when she moved to Ampilatwatja and would watch and learn from her Aunty Rosie Ngwarraye Ross and her big sister Margaret Kemarre Ross who are both successful painters from Ampilatwatja.  Diane enjoys painting bush medicine that she finds when travelling out bush.