Donald Kemarre Thompson

Language:Alyawarre Date of birth:1936-01-01 Community:Ampilatwatja

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Donald Pitjara Thompson was one of several senior law men instrumental in the 2009 Ampilatwatja walk off that was in response to the governments intervention. Born in 1936 Donald still carves highly sort after artifacts that are made by hand under the shade of an old milk wood tree.

Donald’s artefacts; “langarras” (coolamons), woomeras, boomerangs and spears are made with the experience, wisdom and knowledge of the past and his carvings are made with a deep  desire to keep culture and tradition alive. 

“We need the young fellas to continue to learn the old ways. Some forget, but we are still holding onto the old way. Keeping it alive, you can’t wipe it out, it has to keep going.” – Donald