Edie Kemarre Holmes

Language:Alyawarre Date of birth:1950-12-30 Community:Ampilatwatja

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Edie Kemarre Holmes was born near Hatches Creek. She has four brothers and one sister. She enjoys life at Ampilatwatja with her children and grandchildren.

“My fathers’ country is Antarrengeny; my mothers’ country is Akwerantye. We paint because we enjoy it.” Edie paints her country, “Apmer Mwerrangker”, meaning beautiful country.

“If I’m not painting, I like to go hunting for goanna and bush potato. I hope in the future, I can just keep going around here.”

Edie has continued to develop her own style, and she is easily recognised by her ghost gum trees and fine dot work. She was also one of the original artists in the Utopian Batik movement in the 1980’s.

Edie is passionate about art, country and culture; she brought her three daughters up with the same passions. All three of her daughters are talented artists within the community and often the ladies spend time together painting.