Kathleen is originally from Barrow Creek and is married to Ricky Holmes a traditional owner of Ampilatwatja.

Kathleen began painting at Artists of Ampilatwatja in 2010. 

When she was younger she would often stay with an Auntie in Alice Springs whom was a well-established artist there and as a teenager she would help her to paint her paintings.

Kathleen also has a couple of Aunties in Utopia who were part of the Utopian Batik movement and she would watch them do batik as a child. 

Kathleen draws a lot of her inspiration from her homeland and her childhood memories of Barrow Creek and the country surrounds. Her paintings are often a reminiscing of hunting and camping trips, climbing the hills to get brilliant views and walking her land with her family. Kathleen likes to paint her homeland, at Barrow Creek, because it as a way of connecting to and remembering her home. 

Her dot work is exquisitely fine and she uses this technique to make patterns within the landscapes of her paintings demonstrating her peaceful, patient disposition and a deep love and connection to her country. The work produced by Kathleen is recognisably distinct, due to the application of her fine patterned dots and the often bright and child-like figurative depiction of the land.

Kathleen tells of how she is inspired by landscapes, the ways the sky changes and how the light changes the colours of the land and the rocks. 

A veritable source of life, the land has provided and sustained Alyawarra people for generations, as every plant and animal has a vital role to play within the ecological system; this profound understanding is interpreted in all Kathleen’s paintings.

Past Exhibitions